Who are we?

Project RV supports British Elite Forces Veterans, established January 2018. Project RV is working hard to fill the gaps in coverage that exist and serve where needed. RV is a Military and Emergency service term short for Rendezvous (some pre-arranged location where military personnel would meet before an operation) signifying what we fundamentally do, and that is bring Ex elite service personnel together.

Our motto is “Invictus Maneo” meaning “I remain unbeaten”. Very apt considering many of these veterans are battling through some difficult times physically and mentally.  We aim to support and deliver them towards a positive outlook for life once again. Our objective is to get veterans to help each other, whatever their difficulty in civilian life, a combat/ training injury, or just needing someone to talk to who’s been there, someone who can relate and understand; just being around your oppos or muckers, can be the safety valve some of them need.   

Project RV support is outlined below in this executive summary

What Does Project RV do?

Project RV assists our elite forces veterans and their families with needs that are not covered by the  MOD, or their insurance.

 Project RV is a Mind, Body, Spirit, and Purpose driven program focused on health and / or integration, sensory stimulation, to enable veterans to take part in activities / projectsfor recreational and health benefits.

The Program offers support and creates an environment conducive to healing and recovery.

         Therapy Adaptive Events: -  Project RV sponsors activities for the lads, that foster a sense of well-being,   

         offer encouragement, and assist the veterans’ rehabilitation, and recovery from wounds/injuries   

        sustained while serving our country.   

         We are non-profit and strictly for the veterans.

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"Utrinque Paratus"



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"Per Mare Per Terram"

email:- info@projectrv.co.uk

Mobile :- 07714417553

Tele :-      01639711690

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british soldier